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Brentwood & Billericay - A great place to Learn to Drive

Brentwood and Billericay are a great place to learn to drive, given its varied environments within which to practice, and we know the best routes and areas in which to practice those essential driving skills. From reversing around a corner to parallel parking, we will cover all the key skills for your practical test in Brentwood and Billericay, or wherever you decided to take your driving test in Essex.

Our driving lessons in Brentwood aren’t pressurised, and although we want you to progress quickly we will only advise you to book a practical test once you feel ready, if you are in a hurry intensive driving lessons may an option for you.


How we Can Help You

Not only will you be learning the coordination and skills to drive, we will be going over parts of the theory test in practice with examples of hazard perception. Reading the road and understanding signs and symbols by the road will be second nature to you, which will stand you in good stead for your theory and practical test, as well as driving on your own as a fully-licensed driver!



Pass Plus Courses

Successfully completing your pass plus can decrease your insurance premiums. Our driving lessons in Billericay and Brentwood will help you become an even better driver by putting you through your paces and giving you some extra experience after you've passed your driving test. We'll concentrate on Town Driving, Night Driving and Country Driving which you will encounter most often.

We'll also revisit Dual Carriageways in preparation for Driving on Motorways! Now you've passed your test dealing with motorways is something new as learner drivers are not permitted on motorways at all. Motorways can be dangerous due to high speeds, multiple lanes, crosswinds and breakdowns - it's highly recommended you practice these with your instructor before you go on a long motorway journey.


Refresher Courses

There is always room for improvement. If you're a nervous driver, or haven't driven for a period of time you may want some supervision before getting back on the road for good. If it's been a few years (or decades) since you've passed your test, it's vital you stay current on road laws and common driving practices, and to stamp out those bad habbits.


Motorway Tuition

Even if you don't want to take your pass plus, experiencing a motorway under a professional instructors supervision will ensure you avoid accident and injury on these hazardous high speed roads.

We'll you how to maneuver correctly on the motorway, how to pull on and off junctions and slip roads and how to switch lanes at the correct speed amd at the right time. Breakdowns, diversions and traffic jams are all more common on motorways and learning to deal with them ahead of time ensures you will be confident and act appropriately.


Advanced Tuition

Helping to recognise dangers early on and plan to avoid them skilfully, teaching you control in speeds and all weather types, teaching you to skilfully control a car to enable you to be a better driver. Sign up to our driving school in Billericay or Brentwood or any surrounding village and you will benefit from great driving lessons with experienced and proficient instructors.



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Pass Plus

We can also help with hazard perception and theory tests.